Why God needed to rest on Sabbath


Genesis 2:3English Standard Version (ESV)
“3 So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all his work that he had done in creation.”

Does God ever get tired? Why was there a need for Him to rest? I believe I am not alone with the impression that our God the creator of the heavens and the earth is all powerful and will never get tired. So why did He rest?

How is the word sabbath defined: Definition: Sabbath (/ˈsæbəθ/) or a sabbath is generally a weekly day of rest or time of worship.

I have listed here what God has impressed on my heart when I was worshiping Him.

1. Before He rested on the seventh day He first saw everything He made and He was pleased. “31 God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day. -Genesis 1:31” – Whenever God is pleased He rests. Not because He got worn out, on the contrary He is expectant that after He did what He has done in our lives we will live our lives according to His plan.
In observing the SABBATH, let us not argue which day of the week it should be observed. any day that we assign as Holy and that we ask God to rest on this day. That is sabbath.

2. Is it possible to ask God to rest? Ain’t He suppose to be taking care of us? I know most of us feels that way. Again let me remind the first point, we will ask God to rest after He has completed His current project in us. As a mom, it is part of a daily routine to attend to kids’ bath time, go to school time and of course meal time. One day I was surprised when my youngest daughter who is 5 years old said “I will dress up by myself mom, you have been doing this for me for the longest time. I know how to do this. Just let me know how I look.” When I told her that she looked beautiful and what a big girl she has grown, she said “thanks mom, if it weren’t for your doting, I would not learn”. Sometimes in our relationship with God, we already have grown and yet we continue to ask and ask from Him. Yes it is written, “ask and you will receive”. How about us, when is it our turn to say Thank you Lord for all that You have done. I lack nothing, I am healthy, blessed with a wonderful family. When do we make God hear our praise and thanksgiving? Sabbath should be celebrated as a Holy day, a day when we ask God, please take a sit and listen to everything we would like to thank you for.

3. We were created because God wanted to have fellowship with his creation. a communion, being one with Him. In ruling over all of His creation, He gave that authority to man, because we were created according to His likeness and image. How do we communicate? It has to be 2 way, always. So if you were asked to get a glass of water for your kid, and when you hand her the glass, we expect a thank you, right? Mother’s language, it is teaching our children manners. However if this becomes a habit, then the child develops and forms values. They become grateful people. In His desire to redeem His creation after falling into sin, He gave us His only son to save us. Now that act of love is just by grace. God is sovereign, He is not affected by who is popular, text vote or who has followers. Everyone is called unto a fellowship with Him through Jesus. Even the criminal beside Jesus on the hill of Calvary.

Before I conclude let me share with you a story of 2 brothers. The younger brother was caught stealing and was in prison. At that time the punishment for stealing was to severe the hand that was caught stealing. The elder brother pleaded to lower down the sentence imposed, but to no avail. On the day that the younger brother’s hand was to be cut off, the young man tried to save his hand. He took grip of the ax that was to be used on him and hit the executioner with it and he died.

Instead of just loosing his hand the younger brother is now sentenced to death. The elder brother grieved for the younger sibling. On the night before the execution, the young lad while in prison was served the best food and he fell into deep sleep. when he woke up, his face was in a sackcloth. He could not see anything. He thought, this is it. I am to be beheaded. It took him more minutes before he realized that his hands are not tied. So when he removed the covering from his head, he saw that he was in the wilderness far from the city where his execution should take place. His heart started to pound. He rushed back to the city and went directly to the square where the beheading was taking place. when he arrived he saw that there was a man that they were going to execute, he could not make out of the face as the sackcloth was thick and dark. He saw the hands tied the pounding of his heart was stronger that it was deafening him. He started to yell stop, that man is innocent! he kept yelling but the crowds roaring was overwhelming no one heard him. By the time he got to the executioner the head was already severed, he removed the sackcloth, he saw his brother’s head. His brother took the punishment that was intended for him.

Tragedy, it is, however an act of love will always be an act of love. let us put ourselves in the place of the younger lad and Jesus as the elder brother. yes Jesus was slain for our sins. Knowing that, isn’t it time that we say thank you to Him for all that He has done?

Let us allot 2 hours and 40 minutes of each of our day just to praise and worship God through Jesus. Be in an attitude of not asking, instead of giving. As we worship let God establish His throne and ask Him to take His rightful place. To sit down on His throne just listening to our chants of thanks giving and worship.

Psalm 132:8 New International Version
“Arise, LORD, and come to your resting place, you and the ark of your might.”

hand of Jesus


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