When we are in an attitude of worship, we should be ministering to Him. Every minute of our lives, it has always been God embracing us whenever we need comfort. His promises are there to lift us up. His word is our guide whenever we are lost or still looking for the right path to tread on.

How about us? When are we going to embrace God with our arms of praise for everything that He has done and is still doing and bound to do for each and every one? When are we going to give our commitment to Him to always offer our thanksgiving and praise? When will God hear our words of praise and worship? When we do not feel like thanking Him because we are facing a huge problem, try offering your sacrifice of praise. When we thank God for all the wonderful things He has done, our faith begins to open our spiritual eyes to the bigness of our Creator and how small our troubles are. We again are reminded that we are just but human clothe with all the frailties that goes with it. Until then do we see how insignificant we are before God in comparison with all the significant things He has done for us to show us how much He loves us and longs to have fellowship with us. This will result in developing that desire for Him and we have our springboard to a higher level of praise.

When this happens, that is how we get to the highest praise and we begin to worship. We stand in complete amazement of this supreme being that God is and yet wants us to be with Him in His holy presence while He is sited on the throne. He will just listen to whatever we are thanking and praising Him for. Singing is one form, just expressing our gratitude is also a way of bringing in our thanksgiving and praise to Him.

As worshipers, we will be The Almighty’s minstrels. Imagine the creator of the heavens of the earth. The Almighty One. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The higher power. The One sited on the throne in complete control of the entire universe is resting. For a few minutes in our lives we give Him that portion of time when we are not asking anything from Him, but instead we are giving back to Him. When our praise and worship is as a sweet smelling savor to the Divine nostrils, what do you expect?

Will God open windows for us to peek what He has in store for us? Or maybe a door that we may come in and dine with Him? I believe that God does the mentioned; however this happens when we ask in prayer and supplication, but not during worship. Because when we give back to Him, He will open the flood gates of heaven and pour out His blessing that our cup runs over and our storehouse will be filled with blessings that are pressed down shaken together running over that the is no room enough to receive. Not because He is bound to but because we were able to minister to Him.

“8 Arise, O LORD, to Your resting place, You and the ark of Your strength. 9 Let Your priests be clothed with righteousness, And let Your godly ones sing for joy.… Psalm 132:8 to 9”

Let us all then be ministrels of God!
Glory to God.

Majorie Amor Sajot-Dagalea



About amordagalea

45 years old mother of 3 beautiful kids eager to write about personal experience with God
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