When God gives His gifts. . . .


When God gives His gifts it is for sure commendable, there is excellence, it is anything worthy of praise.

Why did God bestow His gifts? It is for a purpose. He also believes in having a purpose driven relationship with us His children. Whatever the reason why the Almighty Father let us just leave that to Him. Anyhow we all know that He definitely knows what is best for everyone.

How does God elect whom to give His gifts? By grace and only grace. It is the fact that despite there is nothing that we have that God may use as a leverage, He had decided to award the gift anyhow. Just only because He is gracious. So let no one boast about their skills, on the contrary, let them that boast, boast in the Lord.

If you were God, will you give an excellent gift to someone that may or may not understand your reason for doing so? . . . I thought so too. This is what makes our God amazing, awesome and almighty. He does things that He alone can do.

If I were to ask you, what are the gifts that God granted you? Do you feel that you deserve them? If I am to list down my gifts, may take one whole week to complete. On top of that very long list of God-given-gifts that I posses, communication skills is on top. Whenever I speak in front of a huge crowd of dental professionals, or just with a small cell group. I know that I am set apart from the ordinary. To speak is one thing, to impart is another. Both are art and skill that one cannot acquire overnight. No training will make us an excellent public speaker.

You may have read a thousand and one self-help books, blogs and articles. There are selected few that you were able to relate and get inspired. The writer of your preference is also gifted. I can make my list of inspirational writers of our time, again it may take the whole month to finish. But the greatest author I admire and look up to is the Almighty Maker of the Heavens and the earth. He authored my life so I can continue to write everything that He has done and is still doing and will do for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

I have decided to continue to speak and write about God’s greatness until I find out His ultimate purpose why I am a recipient of His excellent gifts.

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. Until the next article.


Majorie Amor Sajot-Dagalea




About amordagalea

45 years old mother of 3 beautiful kids eager to write about personal experience with God
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